Who we are

“Effective and Innovative Legal Solutions”

Richards & Company is a legal services firm based in Antigua and Barbuda featuring multijurisdictional attorneys and regional and global partners. The firm has distinguished itself as a leading commercial law firm in Antigua and Barbuda providing a full spectrum of services to include banking and securities, real estate, intellectual property, employment and compensation disputes and commercial litigation. The client base of the firm is diverse, servicing the small businessperson as well as high-net-worth individuals and corporations.

The Firm’s primary objective is to provide our clients with quality legal services in a timely manner. We have invested in cutting-edge software covering accounting and administration of files, internal and external communication, conflicts of interest, calendars. This explains in large part our ability to meet the firm’s objective in today’s fast-moving business environment. The firm continues to deliver to its clients timely and efficient service while keeping the lines of communication open.

Strength. Resilience. Performance.