Formation of Banks and Insurance Companies

he Antiguan Offshore Bank can accept deposits in any legal tender except those of the Caricom region (mainly English speaking Caribbean countries) The capital requirement is US$5,000,000.00 or its equivalent and quarterly audited reports must be filed.

The Antiguan Insurance Corporation can issue policies to persons to provide protection against loss from any internationally recognized risk. Capitalization requirement which must be maintained with a local commercial bank is US$250,000.00 or its equivalent in any currency.

Information required for both Banks and Insurance Companies include:

a.    The financial status and history of the persons making the      application, proposed directors and affiliates;

b.    Experience and character of the proposed principals;

c.     The adequacy of capital for the proposed business;

Formation of Gaming Companies

Antigua and Barbuda is one the few jurisdictions that facilitates the formation of companies to engage in Internet Gaming and Sports Betting. We have over the years attracting reputable names in the business and outside of the business. The technology base of this industry requires a country which invests in cutting edge technology to service the needs of the industry. Our telecommunications and retail banking sectors are excellent and our network of airlines provide daily direct and shop stop over flights to destinations around the world.

At Offshore Incorporators Limited we have assisted companies in making applications to set up in Antigua and Barbuda and welcome working for you through you or your service provider in your jurisdiction.

Formation of Offshore Companies

Antigua has over the years built up a solid reputation for providing company formations to allow businesses to engage in a myriad of industries. The  emphasis of the personnel in the offshore company department of Government in continually searching for growth , change and improvement in the industry has made the offshore service industry in this jurisdiction one of the most dynamic and forward thinking in the global marketplace.

We remain a zero tax jurisdiction despite the movement by many territories to make concessions to some first world countries and we continue to facilitate the formation of companies providing bearer shares negating the need for complicated trust structures between you and the service provider in Antigua and Barbuda.

Domestic companies are recommended for persons starting businesses in Antigua and Barbuda where you will be using the currencies of the region and trading with local persons. A currently incorporated company may also incorporate as an external company in Antigua and Barbuda to do business in the state.

We assist by providing incorporation, registered agent services, nominee director services, secretarial services and legal advice necessary for the set- up and maintenance of your company.

Opening of Offshore Accounts

It is a relatively simple process with guidance from Offshore Incorporators Limited. Antigua offers several banks which can provide you with current accounts and debit cards and online banking. In addition we can arrange your investment portfolio with one of our associated private banking institutions all of which have gained reputations worldwide for sterling service in the banking industry.

Confidentiality is a hallmark of the Antiguan offshore corporate environment. The Rules of the IBC Act require secrecy and non-disclosure on the part of the employees and agents of banks, employees and agents of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority and anyone who acquires information relating to any customer of the Bank.

Real Estate Transfers

Purchasing property in the Caribbean is fast becoming the reality and not the just the dream of many. Published authors and Hollywood stars now share their paradise with a few who make the decision to live, work in Antiguan or to buy a vacation home here.

Since 1975 Antigua and Barbuda has maintained a system of Land Registration which ensures that title is "indefeasible". This simply means that except where there has been fraud or some fundamental mistake once title has been given it is conclusive proof of ownership unless transferred to another party. It ensures the smooth purchase of property without the need to research history and title of land. Upon the transfer of land the Purchaser is issued a Land Certificate.

The Antiguan local and offshore corporations are popular vehicles for property ownership and asset management. With or without a corporation you will in most circumstances require a non- citizen's license to legally purchase property in Antigua as a non- citizen.

We can assist with the purchase of your property guiding you through the entire process in association with the legal services of Richards & Company.

Ship and Yacht Registration

Offshore Incorporators Ltd in association with Richards & Company Attorneys-at-law, will provide you with a full range of services for the incorporation of your offshore company and registering your vessel. We act as nominee directors, open accounts and provide bank introduction, secretarial and miscellaneous services including registered office, preparation of company resolutions and maintenance of company records.

Established in 1986,the Antigua and Barbuda Ship Registry plays host to many vessels some of which are annual participants in the world famous Sailing Week Regatta which takes place in Antigua in April each year. The Antigua and Barbuda Government is signatory to several conventions relating to shipping. In 2005 Louis Vuitton named a line of handbags the "Antigua Line" paying homage to the importance of Antigua and Barbuda in the yachting industry.


        Quick and easy process

        Zero tax

        Recognized flag

        Competitive prices on registration and re-registration

Your ship will be registered in the name of an International Business Corporation as required by law.

Required Vessel Registration Documents
Documents required depend on size and function (pleasure, charter, commercial ) of the vessel

      Written Application

     Power of Attorney from owner to person requesting registration on behalf of the owner

     Official Deletion Certificate showing that the former registration of the ship has been cancelled and consent has been received from the country of former registration of transfer

      Original Bill of Sale signed by the seller and buyer

      Ship builders construction certificate (if new vessel)

      Tonnage or measurement certificate

      Application for a radio license

      Certificate of freeboard and draught marks having been duly permanently marked on the ship-for large commercial vessels and proof of ownership

We offer package rates for the incorporation of your International Business Corporation and the registration of vessel.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property encompasses many forms of intangible property. These may include copyrights, patents, trademarks,  Intellectual Property is often the most valuable and least protected asset of many businesses and creative individuals. This area of law protects the work of creative individuals and businesses and protects such creation from unauthorized use or exploitation by third parties. By utilising Intellectual Property laws, creators and innovators can fully protect and benefit from their creations.



You may have heard the mantra "Copyright law does not protect ideas, but rather it protects the expression of ideas." Copyright law is based upon legal rights granted by the Copyright Act of Antigua and laws of other countries to promote the progress of the arts, by protecting authors, musicians, artists and those in the creative industry exclusive rights to their respective creations for a limited period of time. Almost all forms of expression that are fixed in a tangible medium, original, and are minimally creative will be subject to copyright protection. By utilising copyright law, a creator or inventor will be granted a valuable legal right to use, protect, and license their creation.

Services offered by Richards & Company include:

     Copyright clearance

     Copyright sales and transfers

     Licensing of copyrighted works

     Obtaining permission for use of third party works

     Proof of creation and ownership

     Protection from infringement by third parties


Trademarks or Service marks are words, names, symbols, or objects used by manufacturers or service providers to distinguish their goods or services from the goods or services produced or provided by others. The law of Trademarks allows for individuals or businesses to protect or profit from their trade or service marks. Millions of dollars each year are derived from individuals or businesses which license their trademark or service mark to others. Owners of registered trade or service marks are granted special protection under the law to prevent others from developing similar products or services which intentionally or inadvertently can be confused with those trade or service marks of the registered owner.

Services offered by Richards & Company include:

              Internet domain name trademark registration

              Trademark co-branding agreements

              Trademark licensing

              Trademark registration

              Trademark searches

              Trademark Litigation


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