Antigua and Barbuda remains vigilant regarding the threat of COVID-19. The Government has instituted a conditional ban on certain non-citizen travelers desirous of entering the country whereas in those cases citizens are quarantined on arrival.

We have established protocols in our office for the handling of mail and receiving clients.
For your protection and that of our staff, we ask that you send soft copies of your mail, letters and court process to and Direct physical contact will be restricted during face to face meetings.

We are able to have video conferences and resolve issues by email and encourage you do so where possible; all members of our firm are still able to work seamlessly and unaffected from the office at this time; however if we implement a work from the home policy we will update you. Our working hours remain as normal.

Where possible please call our offices to confirm our banking information to effect payment by direct transfer or wire transfer.

In any event, we will continue to service your client needs and uphold the high standards to which you have become accustomed. This is a difficult time but we will all get through this by staying calm and following the advice of the experts.

All the best!

Stacy Richards – Roach Managing Attorney Richards & Company